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Resurrecting the Dead

The strip between the parking lots of the post office and the warehouse was barren. It constited of a long lump of dry beige soil and a few struggling sweet gum trees. A landscaping company came by once a month … Continue reading

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War of the Roses

I planted an aggressive climbing rose on purpose. There is a 3/4″ space between our circa 1940s chain link fence and the back of our neighbor’s shed. In this space lives an arrogant English Ivy. It knows that I won’t … Continue reading

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Spreading Dandelions

My stomach feels hollow. I can taste a bitter tang on my teeth. Gray root stains line the sides of my palms. I can smell the acrid tang of the plant’s latex each time I clinch my fists. It is … Continue reading

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Viewing Wickedness from a Train

My family enjoys train rides. We have sent our kids back and forth to relative’s houses on theĀ  train during school vacations. We would stick new comic books, snacks and juice packs into their travel bags to distract them from … Continue reading

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Despicable Me

If you asked me on any other day, I’d tell you that honesty is the best policy. I’d tell you that being a good role model is vital to successful parenting. I’d even share my well-honed communication techniques. Today, I’d … Continue reading

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Shovel Time

Here in the mushy part of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, only the hardiest of gardeners display shovel callouses. The rainy season is rising with the tide. Those with basements, have unintended, indoor water features. Stores are stocking up on hip boots. … Continue reading

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