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The Medicine of Flowers

I call myself the practical herbalist. Pragmatism is a value that I hold in high regard. I dress in clothing that fits comfortably. I strive to cook food that is flavorful and nutritious. I recycle. I can. I save paper … Continue reading

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Spicy Bits

The snow outside inspired me to cook with peppers. I just finished a zesty dinner of huevos rancheros which consisted of 2 tortillas covered with spinach, fried eggs straight from the chicken, garlic stuffed olives and a small mountain of … Continue reading

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Elderberry to the Rescue

I am an unabashed elderberry fan. It is not a one-size-fits-all herb like garlic. It doesn’t grow neatly on a kitchen window like sage. It isn’t easy to pick without a ladder like cayenne. It doesn’t wander into the front … Continue reading

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The 2nd Deadly Sin

Dessert is available all the times at my house. There are several bowls of fruit in the dining room. One is full of apples, one is especially for bananas and one is usually full citrus fruit. This time there was … Continue reading

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