Cinnamon Dreams

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My co-worker spent the afternoon pressing bright red, gooey cinnamon tincture. The smell was luscious. It reminded me of the old cartoons in which the scent of cooking food turns into an elegant elbow glove and beckons the limp cartoon figures into a floating trance. Somehow I kept vertical.

Cinnamon bark tincture is used by our customers as an analgesic, carminative, digestive and antiseptic herb. This translates as a pain reliever, blood flow stimulator, tummy calmer, and bacteria/fungi killer. That’s a pretty wide spectrum for such a common kitchen herb.

The scent of cinnamon is due to cinnamaldehyde which comprises 90% of it’s essential oil. The odor is warm, sweet and spicy. Cinnamaldehyde is the compound that the cinnamon tree makes to guard itself from invading bacteria and fungi. It’s protection you can smell. The entire staff is reveling in the scent of cinnamon. It’s like we are working inside a giant slice of pumpkin pie.

My co-worker pours the finished tincture out of the press bucket and into a table full of 1 gallon jars. As she finishes her paperwork, we breath in the last of the cinnamon scent. The stress of the day seems to have floated off our shoulders. If I close my eyes, I am back in cartoon world again, drifting along in cookie scented world.

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5 Responses to Cinnamon Dreams

  1. Aleta Florentin says:

    Does cassia have the same health benefits as true cinnamon? I know true cinnamon is hard to find and most of us have cassia “cinnamon” in our spice drawers.

  2. Sue Taylor says:

    mmm… my favorite.

    Red gooey cinnamon – I’m wondering if it could be used as a syrupy dessert topping now, as opposed to more salubrious applications – but hey, it’s supposed to be good for regulating blood sugar too, right?

    I bought a cinnamon broom last November and that cinnamaldehyde is still working a little magic.

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